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Data Centers


Generac Industrial Power responds to data centers challenges with genset systems that deliver the best available technology with massive kWs and a support network offering industry-leading expertise, improving performance and efficiency in data center management and operations. Continuous power is used for applications where there is no utility power and the generator set is relied upon to supply a constant load for an unlimited number of hours annually such as remote power data center stations or co-location facilities. Generac provides a range of data center voltage solutions.

Generac’s proven Modular Power System (MPS) for paralleling generators offers data centers the power, redundancy, scalability, and safety required. One of the key advantages is that it is possible to specify the backup system for the power needed at the moment, not in the future. As power needs grow, it’s easy to “add on” another generator to meet growing needs. In addition, our MPS allows you to combine fuel options: diesel, natural gas, or even bi-fuel. This not only offers the benefits of genset redundancy, but also fuel redundancy. Natural gas relies on a strong underground pipeline network that is rarely impacted by weather or other crisis events—providing another critical advantage.

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