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The backbone of our society relies on manufacturers. Everything from vehicles to medical equipment to furniture to electronics to aerospace to pulp and paper mills to plastic molding, and so much more.

Today’s industry operates at a high level of efficiency, made possible in part by advanced manufacturing techniques and skilled workers. But much of the credit goes to the “just in time” inventory control process, with manufacturing components arriving at the production line just minutes before they’re needed for assembly. This reduces costs by keeping inventories low, but requires perfect execution and a constant attention to details. The parts pipeline must be constantly flowing, and component shipments must be timely and accurate. The entire system relies upon suppliers that are 100% reliable, and flawless in delivering shipments without delay.

When the power goes out due to grid failures or weather, you could loss thousands or even millions of dollars in revenue. And for many processes, loss of power spoils the end product and staff members working overtime hours will not be able to compensate for the waste.

With all that heavy lifting, you need genuine power to keep you operating during an outage. No worries - Generac helps provide the muscle you need, offering a vast array of backup/emergency and prime power solutions to support your needs. We offer low kW generators required by smaller manufacturers and at the same time, we offer multi-megawatt solutions designed to keep large operations running smoothly.

Experience has shown that severe thunderstorms are the most likely cause of a power outage. These intermittent but powerful storms can disrupt utility power unpredictably and even a brief loss of power will adversely affect the production process. There is no question that the loss of power for even a few hours could mean a loss of thousands of dollars for most of the industry business. Generac helps keep your operation running, regardless of the weather, offering the necessary prime and backup power supply.

Our industrial generators combine precise components, designed, manufactured, and supported by a single source—Generac. We follow controls on every part of the production and testing process—engines, alternators, control systems, enclosures, and base tanks. These components are all specifically designed and built to support the highest reliability and performance standards.

Inside every Generac generator is over half a century of innovation hard at work. Before a design goes into production, we test every aspect of it in our own state-of- the-art R&D facility.

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